Our Dimmalimm products are finding their way into the hearts of little children.

The images are from a much loved Icelandic fairy tale, Dimmalimm, written and illustrated by one of Iceland's artists,

Gudmundur Thorsteinsson, Muggur. He was born in 1891 and died in 1924. His story of Dimmalimm was written for his little

niece, Helga, whose nickname was Dimmalimm. The book has become a classic in Iceland and translated into many languages.

You can find a link to the publisher on the link page.

The plates and cutlery can be purchased directly from us or from stores you can find on our link page.

We are now adding greeting cards and you will be able to see them shortly here on the webpage.

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Check out our blocks! They are unique, as each block is beautifully designed by one artist, just for us,

in limited numbers.

Our bestseller has been the the ever popular Puffin. It sold out yet again, but has returned.

If you are interested to have blocks made for yourself, or your company, do contact us. We will design anything to fit your

request, in our special way. We look forward to hear from you!


For information of large orders, or retail prices, please contact us and we write back immediately.


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